Jersey Cricketers will head to Zimbabwe for T20 Global qualifiers

Jersey beat Germany, Italy and Denmark on their way to winning the european qualifiers earlier this year. Credit: ICC

Jersey Cricket will travel to Zimbabwe next year as they look to qualify for the 2022 T20 World Cup.

After victory in the European qualifiers earlier this year the next step towards qualification is the global qualifiers next July.

The top two teams will then have the chance to play some of the best teams in the world at next year's World Cup.

Also drawn in Jersey's group are hosts Zimbabwe, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Papa New Guinea, Singapore, Uganda and The United States.

Jersey performed brilliantly to win all six of the matches during the European qualifiers. Much of their success was down to their bowling which will likely prove pivotal next year in new surroundings for the team.

Jersey will travel into Harare for the tournament on Friday July 8 2022.