Plans to regenerate Guernsey's St Peter Port revealed

  • Report by ITV Channel's Roisin Gauson

States of Guernsey have released plans to regenerate St Peter Port, to become a more welcoming place.

It is hoped these plans will "diversify and enrich the experience and the long term attractiveness of the town as a place to work, live and spend."

Generally, the plans hope to improve the north, south and west gateways into the town centre and upgrading the public access points.

However, concerns have been raised surrounding the framework missing traffic modelling, and the need for a balance between new and old buildings.

The three main areas of development include:

  • Lower Pollet

  • The South Esplanade and Mingot Plateau

  • Mansell Street and Le Bordage including Trinity Square

The proposed plans for the St Peter Port regeneration. Credit: States of Guernsey

Lower Pollet Development

It is hoped that the Lower Pollet development will make the northern arrival point into the town more vibrant and people friendly area for residents and visitors.

The government hope that the upgrades and developments based around the North Plantation will mean more people will come and sit, socialise and enjoy the views of the harbour.

This can be achieved by adding better access to transportation links, such as a re-designaing the taxi rank and a improved pedestrian walkway to the harbourside.

Further plans to develop the current buildings into shops, cafes, restaurants, accommodation and office space will combine leisure, tourism and economic development.

South Esplanade and Mingot Plateau

In the southern area of St Peter Port, the government hope to increase the range of activity in the area, by redeveloping under-utilised spaces.

They intend to take advantage of the unique views and vantage points for residents and visitors by using a sensitive, but intense approach.

This would include repurposing some of the building frontage accordingly.

Overall they hope to reduce the high levels of traffic within the area, meaning that more people will visit, pass through and spend time there.

Mansell Street and Le Bordage Regeneration

The aim is to breathe life back into the old quarter of St Peter Port with a specific focus on small and specialised businesses.

This centres around Trinity Square and opening this space up to be more vibrant.

The government are planning to make a strategy for the Mansell Street shopping area, eradicating prolonged vacancies in the area. There are further plans to make the upper floors of various buildings into residential spaces.