RHOJ: Meet the cast of series two

Credit: ITVBe

Series two of The Real Housewives of Jersey returns to screens on 27 December on ITVBe.

Many familiar faces are returning for series two but there will also new be two new women joining the cast too.

Ahead of the new series, we take a look at who the cast members are.

New Housewives:

  • Sarha Courtnay (36)

Sarha recently moved to the island with her partner, Mike. They officially got together in August  2020 and soon after Mike had the bright idea of moving to Jersey. Sarha was previously married and divorced in 2018. The new couple have big plans to build a property and business empire on the island.

Sarha is looking to set up her own aesthetics clinic, bringing the latest equipment to the  glamorous ladies of Jersey. Sarha is very passionate about aesthetics and feels strongly that people should be able to change what they want about themselves without judgment. She describes herself as friendly, strong and incredibly loyal. 

Why did you decide to join the show? 

To be honest, it’s something I never thought I would have done, but over the past year or so since  being with Mike, I’ve learnt to “let go” somewhat. After all, who on a whim decides to relocate to  another country where they have never been knowing absolutely nobody?! The whole thing is kind of crazy, but you’re only here once, so I thought why the hell not? 

  • Karen Loderick-Peace (46)

Karen lives in St Brelade with her husband Jeremy and their three children. She moved to London in her early 20’s to study fashion and not long after, met her husband and they have been together ever since.

Her husband Jeremy had a successful business career and was owner of West Bromwich Albion football club. They moved from Knightsbridge to the Island five years ago for the sea air and quality of life.

She studied at the London School of Fashion and, now the kids are a bit older, she is thinking of starting her own fashion label. Her close relationships with her three kids, Jayvana (18), Jeren  (17) and Jolan (10) are very important to her. Karen is originally from Jamaica and loves it when her mum comes to visit. 

Did you enjoy watching Season 1? Who out of the cast did you want to meet and why?  

I did indeed! I think the ladies did well to introduce Jersey to the rest of the world. It’s a real challenge to front a new version of the franchise and I think they all did really well. I was keen to meet Kate Taylor because I thought she was hilarious on screen. 

Returning Housewives:

  • Tessa Hartmann CBE (52) 

What can we look forward to from you this new season?  

This season was quite a difference experience for me. One could call me the protagonist aka ‘Cady’. It was like I had walked onto the set of ‘Mean Girls’, where the cast of housewives could have been split into the ‘Queen Bee’s and Wannabes’. Often I have to remind myself that we were not in High School and that these women were not following a script.

However, I must add that after a valiant attempt of the ‘Mean Girls’ to make me feel like an  ‘outcast’, I chose to rise above it, treat it with the contempt it deserved and be true to myself!  Frankly I have built my entire business with the bricks others have thrown at me but I must applaud them for managing my fan club. It takes a special kind of fan to dress up as me too, so Kate absolutely gets the new title of CEO of the Tessa Hartmann fan club. 

  • Ashley Cairney (33) 

What can we look forward to from you this new season?  

This season I was pregnant with my third child and the cameras followed me on that special journey, even when my health took a nose dive.

When you’re pregnant people love to say “put your feet up” but I’m afraid my life doesn’t work like that! In fact I broke my foot, much to some of the other girls’ disbelief. It’s been a blast and I didn’t stop – I even had my first ever tour of the London sights. 

What do you think it means to be a real housewife?  

Brave? Mad?! I’m joking! It is an iconic TV franchise and still going strong. Whether you’re from Melbourne or New York, I think any woman who steps into those shoes must have a level of confidence and a strong voice. Also you need to wear your heart on your sleeve and say it how it is –  which I always do. 

  • Kate Taylor (53) 

What can we look forward to from you this new season?  

Well of course you can look forward to lots of fun and fabulous outfits as always. But this season I did in fact get off the fence when the time was needed. I’d been sat on that fence for so long the splinters were hurting my bottom.

Karen joined this Season – what’s she like and what does she bring to the show?  

Karen is unique in every way. She’s a very private person so I was really pleased when she decided to join the show. She speaks her mind and always looks a million dollars.  

  • Margaret Thompson (60) 

What can we look forward to from you this new season?  

You can look forward to seeing quite a lot of me as unfortunately I am embroiled in a lot of  arguments this season!  

Which two other housewives would you take to a desert island and why?  

I would love to take Ashley but I could not take her away from her babies. So I would take Kate and Sarha. There would be lots of fun and laughs, with Kate keeping us entertained. Sarha is very calm and practical and would only find solutions for us. 

  • Mia Ledbury (46)

What can we look forward to from you this new season? 

About halfway through the season I plan a fun (and ultimately explosive!) trip away to London for the girls but I have an ulterior motive! During the trip I meet up with Body London (my modelling agent) for the first time and have a sexy shoot with one of London’s most iconic landmarks as the backdrop. 

What has been your favourite thing about this season? 

Seeing the dynamics of the group thrust and shake throughout the series. We saw some large  personalities emerge during season one and in this season it gets taken to the next level. Unexpected alliances are formed, bridges rebuilt and some new differences emerge. Seeing all of this play out through the season has been a fascinating insight into the inner workings of a group of strong minded women. 

The Real Housewives of Jersey returns for season two on Monday 27 December at 9pm on ITVBe.

The full series will also be available as a boxset on ITV Hub.