Jersey's government buys Celtic coin hoard

Jersey's government have successfully completed the purchase of a two-thousand year old coin hoard.

The Le Câtillon II Coin Hoard was discovered by two local detectorists in 2012 in a field in Grouville, and has been bought at the cost of £4.25 million.

The items discovered include the 'world’s largest ever Celtic coin hoard', Europe’s 'largest ever collection' of torque neck rings and, a fabric bag full of gold and silver jewellery.

Due to Jersey law, the coin hoard became property of the Crown once it was discovered, prompting negotiations between government and HM Receiver General, Alan Blair, who has represented the Crown and the finders.

The transaction was completed on 17 December, using the Civil Asset Recovery Fund.

The final cost to purchase the treasure was £4,250,000, which includes a previous interim payment of £737,000, having been agreed by the Council of Ministers.

Included in that final cost was £250,000 which was paid to Jersey Heritage for their work separating the treasure and its contents, and an additional £250,000, which will be used to establish a trust.

Jersey's Chief Minister, Senator John Le Fondre said that if the hoard had been dispersed globally, the "inherent value to Jersey would have been lost". He continued to say that the agreement made "satisfies the interests of the finders, the Crown and the Island".