Severely underweight seal pup rescued off Guernsey

Credit: GSPCA

A severely underweight seal pup has been rescued off the coast of Guernsey.

The GSPCA says he is "very thin" at a weight of just 23kg (51Ib) - around half the weight that would normally be expected.

The charity has nicknamed him Blueberry and say he is "extremely feisty".

He is believed to be just five weeks old.

Credit: GSPCA

The grey seal pup was discovered in the Fort Grey area of Guernsey and is receiving round the clock care at the animal shelter.

The GSPCA now has five seal pups to look after.

The charity says it is important that people do not approach seal pups as doing so can scare their mothers away.

Anyone who does spot one should give the GSPCA a call on 01481 257261.