Guernsey builder restores Candie Gardens ticket office to former glory

It is yet to be determined what the future of the restored building will be. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A Guernsey builder has restored the Candie Gardens ticket office to its former glory after it was discovered in a derelict state earlier this year.

Contractor Arthur Leadbeater volunteered to redevelop the ticket office after it fell into disuse with years worth of ivy growing around it.

The building served as a ticket office for the likes of the Beatles and is considered an important part of Guernsey's history.

Mr Leadbeater coordinated the project which took over 400 hours to complete during his own time and at his own expense.

The Agriculture, Countryside & Land Management Service (ACLMS) have thanked Arthur and a team of local tradesmen who donated their time and resources to revamp the old building.