Jersey teachers struggle to book PCR tests before heading back to school

Sign reading Covid 19 PCR testing Station with cones
Credit: ITV Channel TV.

Teachers in Jersey say they are struggling to book PCR tests before heading back to school tomorrow (Tuesday 4 January).

The government announced last week that teachers would be offered PCR tests before returning to the classroom in a bid to curb the spread of the virus.

One teacher, Ayesha Frederick, says she got an email from her union on 31 January explaining she was eligible for a free PCR test on 1, 2 or 3 of January.

When she checked the timings again on 2 January, a slot had become available for 3 January.

Ayesha says getting tested has "been made difficult" but it is something she wanted to do before returning to school.

Last week ministers said they are confident enough measures are in place to manage the new Omicron strain.

A government spokesperson confirmed that over the weekend of 1 and 2 January, almost 1600 PCR tests were delivered to school, education and early years staff.