Alliance to stop stocking Tesco products

Channel Islanders will no longer be able to buy Tesco branded products in Alliance supermarkets in the coming months.

Alliance has announced a new partnership with Waitrose, who will replace Tesco produce in stores.

More than a thousand Waitrose products will become available in the four Alliances shops across the island.

Products will be introduced first at Alliance’s St Ouen shop in March, before launching in the St Helier stores at Sand Street, Walker House and Broad Street shortly after.

But Jersey's Consumer Council are concerned islanders could see supermarkets hike up their prices due to limited competition on island.

In store islanders will have access to a wider variety of products, at a variety of different price points, catering to the needs to all islanders who shop there.

Alliance has been trading in the Channel Islands for more than 30 years.