Plans for new specialist animal hospital in Guernsey

  • Kate Prout has this report

Guernsey's main animal centre is hoping to raise a target of £2 million by the end of the year to build a much-needed animal hospital.

The GSPCA has had plans to create a new state-of-the-art animal hospital for the Channel Islands' for over three years, but the pandemic has continued to put them on hold.

Redevelopment plans include new stables, additional aviaries for wild and domesticbirds and a on-site memorial garden.

The current GSPCA site ahead of any developments Credit: GSPCA
How the GSPCA site would look after proposed developments Credit: GSPCA

The current centre in St Andrew has more than 300 animals under its roofs, including six seals and over 100 hedgehogs.

Animals needing care from the GSPCA is expected to rise in the coming months, as the charity currently look after more than 2000 animals every year.

If enough funding is raised, the charity hopes building work could start before the end of the year.