Jersey islanders gather to pay respects to Gary Burgess at candlelit vigil

  • Video report by Louisa Britton

A vigil was held in Jersey's Royal Square last night (Saturday 9 January) in memory of Gary Burgess. 

Islanders gathered to light candles and remember Gary who passed away on New Year's Day following a terminal cancer diagnosis. 

Cheyenne O'Connor, who organised the event, said: "Everyone has their different reasons as to why they love Gary.

"For me personally, it was the fact that he wasn't worried about what he said, and he wasn't scared about what he exposed. He just knew how to tell the truth, which is amazing."

The vigil included speeches and a performance from a local artist, and raised money for charity including the Jersey Hospice which cared for Gary.

Yannick Filleul, from Jersey Hospice, said: "We're hugely grateful to Gary and his family and loved ones and obviously all of his supporters locally.

"It's with the donations of the community that we are able to provide the services and it makes a real big difference."

Following Gary's death, there have been an outpouring of tributes from politicians and the public. 

An online book of condolences has also been opened.