Carousel given new lease of life by Jersey's repair man

A restoration man in Jersey is encouraging people to keep hold of their once loved treasures, instead of throwing them away. Nigel Crespel from The Repair Shop Jersey is hoping this new year, people will think of restoring old gifts, to stop them ending up in the dump.

In a recent project, Nigel restored a 1970's musical carousel which came into his possession in May last year after a family brought it to him to be repaired.

Nigel said: "The work was was quite tricky because there were lots of small little intricate pieces and I had to make sure it was done in the original way."

The carousel arrived into the workshop in quite a bad state after years of neglect but was brought back to its former glory. Credit: ITV Channel

Nigel spent eight months carefully restoring the carousel, after it arrived to him in a bad state.

It was originally owned by a lady called Jenny Bell whose father had made the model by hand in the 70s.

When Jenny arrived into Jersey's Repair Shop to see her father's old toy repaired, she was astonished to see it brought back to its former glory.

She said: "I mean it brings back memories of my father. I mean he was a remarkable man and it's lovely to have something that he made."

Jenny said she will leave the carousel in the care of her son, so that future generations can enjoy the toy that brought her so much joy.