Most visitors banned from Jersey's Hospital after some give Covid to patients

Credit ITV Channel TV
The new rule will come into force on Thursday 13 January and be reviewed after a week. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Most visitors have been banned from Jersey's General Hospital after some people came in with Covid symptoms, leading to several patients testing positive.

The Council of Ministers have agreed to bring in temporary restrictions on visitors to all adult and mental health wards.

The decision has been made to protect staff and services.

Exemptions will be in place for patients receiving end-of-life care, Maternity, Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) and other exceptional circumstances.

Anyone who believes they have special circumstances can call the appropriate ward and speak to the department manager.

"We are a small hospital and on an island," Jersey's Chief Nurse Rose Naylor said. "As such, we take infection prevention and control incredibly seriously in all of our services. Our priority is to our patients, to ensure their safety while they are in our care, and to the health and wellbeing of our staff."

Adults attending A&E must do so alone and children are only allowed one adult to accompany them.

The new rules come into force today (13 January) and will be reviewed after a week.

Jersey's Health Minister, Deputy Richard Renouf is calling on the public to respect the measures after reports of hospital staff receiving verbal abuse when asking visitors to comply with virus controls.

"I and my colleagues on the Council of Ministers condemn the conduct of people who endanger the safety of hospital patients and staff," Renouf said. "We deeply regret the need to announce further restrictions. We will seek to reinstate normal visiting arrangements as soon as it is safe to do so."