St Helier Roads Committee will object to loss of trees and roundabout for new hospital

There's concerns over the lack of future proofing for access and parking to the new hospital. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The St Helier Roads Committee will object to the loss of trees and a proposed roundabout at West Park for the construction of the new hospital.

At a meeting on 12 January they discussed a number of objections and comments which will be submitted to planners.

It comes after the St Helier Parish voted against selling land for the new hospital at Overdale.

The committee will strongly object to the construction of a new roundabout at West Park as it involves the demolition of a parish-owned building.

The parish has not been approached by the government about plans to buy the building which houses a substation.

Their comments will include concerns about the lack of future proofing when looking at transport and access to the new hospital.

The committee will also say that at least 50% of hospital car parking should have electric charging points, rather than 10%, with the rest wired up so they can be converted in the future.

They argue there should be more detail on the policy for motorcycle and bike parking as well as disabled spaces and taxi areas at the hospital.

The committee intend to highlight that Senator Lyndon Farnham has reassured them the proposed cycle way to the hospital will be two-way, not one-way as originally proposed, and that residents of Tower Road will not face restrictions when turning in and out of the area.

They will raise concerns about the lack of detail on how large lorries will access the site once Westmount Road closes for construction as many of the surrounding routes have height restrictions.

The committee plan to make recommendations on how the noise, dust and other disruption should be dealt with during construction.

They will also highlight the detrimental effect that much the design and consultation has been done remotely.

It means that many of those involved have not visited the site themselves and therefore some decisions have been made which otherwise would not have been.

The St Helier Roads Committee agreed their comments and objections will now be drafted into a submission which they will check at their next meeting.

It will then be submitted to the planning inspector.