Calls for U-turn on Jersey Hospital visitor ban

Credit: ITV Channel

A politician has called for the ban on visitors to Jersey's hospital to be lifted.

Most visitors have been banned from Jersey's General Hospital after some people came in with symptoms of coronavirus, leading to several patients testing positive.

Following the decision, Deputy Montfort Tadier took to social media to call the move "barbaric".

The new rules come into force today (Thursday 13 January) and will be reviewed after a week. The Council of Ministers agreed to bring in temporary restrictions on visitors to all adult and mental health wards.

The Reform Jersey politician has compared the restrictions to worse of what prisoners face and is calling for immediate change.

Deputy Tadier told ITV Channel, "If you're in hospital you're particularly vulnerable, you're not feeling great and you might rely on your loved ones, your relatives coming in to see you, it helps with your recovery potentially."

"To take visitation away from someone just because there's been an issue in some instances of not having a good enough procedure to keep Covid out - I don't think that's the right response."

It has been confirmed that exemptions will be in place for patients receiving end-of-life care, Maternity, Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) and other exceptional circumstances.