Unemployment in Jersey falls to pre-pandemic levels

Credit: ITV Channel

The number of islanders in Jersey who are unemployed has fallen to pre-pandemic levels.

There are currently 810 islanders registered as looking for work, with 290 of these 'employed in some capacity' but needing more hours.Unemployment figures have fallen to lows last seen in 2018, following campaigns in the government's Back to Work strategy.

The Back to Work report also shows that the number of islanders registered as ‘actively seeking work’ has reduced by 590 since this time last year.

Despite report showing a positive position for unemployment, long term unemployment remains high.

The Fiscal Stimulus Fund helped support a campaign by Jersey's government, encouraging businesses to recruit locally rather than from the mainland. More than 180 employers took part.

The Minister for Social Security, Deputy Judy Martin, has said that the government's goal was to get islander's back into employment 'as quickly as possible'.

Deputy Judy Martin Credit: ITV Channel

“I am delighted to see that the number of long-term unemployed has dropped by 70 year on year. With the challenges a lot of organisations are facing, it is also pleasing to see that all of the job starts were across a variety of industries.

"We will be continuing to focus on supporting long term jobseekers and helping them move closer to employment.”