Jersey residents are being urged to check they have enough smoke alarms at home

Fire and rescue sign.
Credit: ITV Channel TV.

Jersey residents are being urged to check they have enough smoke alarms.

Jersey Fire and Rescue Service and The Fire Kills campaign are encouraging people to put fire safety first.

Islanders are being asked to make sure they have enough alarms to cover their entire home as smoke alarms do not work if the fire is out of their range.

Crew Commander Simon Le Maistre said: “We must make sure that we have enough smoke alarms to cover our whole home.

“If you don’t have enough, or they’re not in the right place, you might not be alerted in time.

“You should make sure you have at least one smoke alarm on every level of your home, preferably in hallways and landings.

"Placing smoke detectors near to sleeping areas and in rooms where there are electrical appliances could give you the extra warning you need.

“It’s also important to remember that smoke alarms don’t last forever. The power might work, but the part that detects smoke, deteriorates with time. To work their best, they should be replaced every ten years.”

Tips given to residents include:

  • Installing at least one smoke alarm on each floor of your home

  • The best position is in the middle of the room on the ceiling or on the hallway/landing

  • Do not use smoke alarms near kitchens and bathrooms because steam and smoke could set them off by accident