Jersey's government admits 'mistake' in therapist resignation info

Jersey's Hospital + Const. Andy Jehan
Constable Any Jehan highlighted it was not the staffs fault as they are facing challenging circumstances. Credit: ITV Channel TV

There were in fact seven, not 24, occupational therapists and physiotherapists who resigned in 2021, says Jersey's government.

This morning (14 January) the government admitted there had been a 'mistake' in the Freedom of Information Request (FOI) response published.

In a statement from Dr Cheryl Power, Chief of Allied Health Professions, she said: "There are no gaps within our rehabilitation services and the number of physiotherapists and occupational therapists within the department is at a level where we can provide safe services to islanders.

She added: "There has been no impact on the day-to-day running of the services due to these vacancies."It comes after a Jersey politician called for change in the Health and Community Service department after it was published on that 24 hospital therapists resigned within 10 months last year.

St John's Constable, Andy Jehan, said there were several issues across the whole service but he believed staff were doing their best under the current circumstances.

The Freedom of Information (FOI) request also revealed that there are over 350 vacancies across the health service - which has been confirmed.

Some of the highest departmental vacancy rates were:

  • 63 in the surgical services department

  • 56 in the medical services department

  • 46 within the mental health team