Plans progress for new care facility at Guernsey's King Edward VII hospital site

  • Video report by ITV Channel's Katherine Levy

Plans are in progress for a new care facility at the King Edward VII hospital site, according to Guernsey's Policy and Resources Committee (P&R).

The plans include repurposing the former hospital site to include up to 50 beds.

The P&R committee says it is in talks with two interested parties and have said that "things could move quite quickly".

Deputy David Mahoney from the committee said that although discussions are commercially sensitive, he was optimistic that the development could begin in the near future, once planning had been secured."We've been speaking to a couple of developers about either a care home or a care village which would be 40-50 beds which would be fabulous news for the island or else, even a care village and that would be across the entire site and again that would be very exciting for the island if we could manage to produce that."

Caring for the island's ageing population is a key concern for Guernsey's Health and Social Care Department.The shortage of care home beds in Guernsey is so acute that an entire ward at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital has had to be turned over to care for elderly islanders because they have nowhere else to go.There are currently around 24 people at the hospital in this situation.

Deputy Al Brouard, Guernsey's Health and Social Care president said: "Obviously it is a big issue and a lot of effort and time has been put in.

"We obviously have some people in hospital at the moment who really should be back in their own home or in a care home facility but those facilities just aren't available at the moment." He added "One of the difficulties as well not only with Covid, but Brexit and staffing issues, one of the care homes may have a few extra beds that they would be able to use, but they are a little bit reluctant to do so because of the staffing issues they are facing... so we are all in the same boat, it's quite a difficult knot to undo."

It is hoped an increase in bed numbers will provide some respite for the island's hospital and other care facilities.