Report calls for immediate improvements to Alderney’s ambulance service

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Alderney's Ambulance Service has been called 'unsafe' and 'unsustainable' in a report into the island's provision. 

It follows the resignation of the single paramedic who provides cover for Alderney. It is not yet known how long his notice period is.

Boyd Kelly, General Services Committee Chairman for the States of Alderney, said: "I'm aware that the current paramedic has unfortunately handed his notice in. I can guarantee the people of this island that they will have an ambulance service available for them should they need it"

The report, published by the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives, made seven recommendations and called for 'immediate action'. It praised staff but said the service "hangs together on good will and a team that goes way beyond any expectations that you could request of a volunteer and a single paramedic."

The review team calls for a medical director and medicines governance process to offer more support and oversight. Despite an added cost, they also recommend more volunteers and provision which would enable the paramedic to take time off. 

Boyd Kelly added: "The report was quite uncomfortable reading. We have accepted each of those recommendations and will ensure that they are carried out. We have confidence in providing ambulance cover on the island. We've had a number of measures in place for the last two years in case of absence of paramedics or the ambulance service itself because of the pandemic. We are in a slightly different situation, but those contingency plans will still apply."