The street artists transforming a former furniture warehouse in Guernsey

  • Report by ITV Channel's Kate Prout

Five street artists from the UK are transforming a former furniture warehouse in Guernsey.

They hope to turn it into a vibrant and colourful hub for art.

The group have spent the last three days using their skills to cover every inch of the walls in the Mill Street site with bold colours and unusual works.

The art centre will be officially opened on Thursday 20 January and members of the public can visit for a month from Saturday 22 January.

The project has been five years in the making.

Arts for Guernsey founder David Ummels says: "It is actually not a gallery, it's an art centre. This is a place where we will curate children's work, we will bring on students in the academy, young artists will have freedom to experiment."

Local students and other artists will eventually have the chance to exhibit their work here.