Guernsey police no longer investigating Covid breach at Farmhouse Hotel

The Farmhouse Hotel, Guernsey. Credit: ITV Channel TV.

Police in Guernsey say they have concluded investigations into breaches of Covid isolation rules at the Farmhouse Hotel in May 2021. Two people were charged and pleaded guilty in court to the breach of rules last year. After a full assessment of the evidence a decision was taken that it was not appropriate to prosecute anybody else.

Bailiwick Law Enforcement said they had conducted "full and thorough investigation" into what happened at the hotel.

"Numerous lines of enquiry were followed up and all evidence gathered during the investigation was referred to the Director of Criminal Prosecutions at the Law Officer’s Chambers. After a full assessment of all the available evidence, a decision was taken that it was not appropriate to prosecute any other individual for any other offences, as it was considered that the evidential threshold for a prosecution to take place had not been met."

It comes after one of Guernsey’s most senior politicians Deputy Peter Roffey called for a police investigation into the allegations, following claims that the Chief Minister was aware of Covid isolation rule breaches at the hotel.

Deputy Ferbrache previously said he does not recall discussing the incident and would never advise anyone not to comply with regulations.