From Team Jets to Team Bath: The relationship helping Jersey's netballers

  • Video report by ITV Channel's Keilan Webster

Sharp shooting Lily Jones is one of Team Bath's most exciting young talents.

The goal attack is one of the main benefactors from Jersey's close relationship with the Superleague side, a link which began thanks to the island's greatest ever netball player - Serena Guthrie.

Team Bath Academy coach, Natalie Roddy described Serena Guthrie as a "trailblazer" in the sport.

"She's been influential in building those connections to Jersey. The other person who has been crucial is Linda Andrews. It's the time and energy she puts into it, constantly traveling over and helping to put a number of Jersey netballers into our pathway ."

Jersey's Serena Guthrie has taken netball to the world stage in recent years Credit: PA

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Head Coach Linda Andrews has said the last couple of years have proved particularly "successful" for Team Jets. "This year we had four girls who were chosen to enter the pathway. It's also given us as coaches the opportunity to go over and see what the girls are doing so we can replicate it in Jersey.

"It's definitely the pathway we want our girls to be on."

The relationship has proved beneficial for both players and coaches, but no one knows those benefits more than Lily, who is confident she will not be the last to make that journey from Team Jets to Team Bath.

Credit: Lily Jones

"I think it's a really important pathway. We've got a lot of players coming through.

"I think Team Jets are really developing the players and creating the pathway for players to step up as well as taking the coaching back into Jersey, in order to bring even more players through the age groups."