Calls for more diverse candidates to stand in Jersey's election

  • Video report by Caroline Lewis

There are calls for more diverse candidates to stand in Jersey's upcoming elections.

In the last election 14 roles stood unopposed, including 11 of the 12 Constables meaning almost all of them were automatically elected without a vote.

Senator Kristina Moore says the States Assembly should reflect our community and is calling for people to put themselves forward.

She said: "We would all like to see people standing for election who voters can identify with because at the end of the day voters are ultimately the people who are the decision makers in this situation."

If you would like to stand in the election you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Aged over 18

  • British citizen

  • Lived in Jersey for the last two years before the election

  • Lived in Jersey for the last six months and a total of five years previously

People do not need any specific qualifications or experience to stand and the Institute of Directors has launched a new mentoring scheme to help people who want to be a politician.

Islanders will be getting a guide to the elections through their doors in the coming days which includes key dates and details about how to put yourself forward for nomination.