Guernsey reveals draft law on discrimination

Guernsey States.
The States Assembly had approved the proposals for a wide-reaching law in July 2020. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Guernsey's draft discrimination law is a "watered down" version of what was originally proposed in the eyes of campaigners.

The States Assembly had approved the proposals for a wide-reaching law in July 2020.

Ellie Jones from Liberate said: "The original law three or four versions ago is much more comprehensive than this and would've been amazing, but people have had to compromise along the way so it is watered down.

"But we are happy to go ahead, it is a positive thing and will be great to get it in place."

Guernsey's Policy and Economic Group are also calling for some of the language to be clearer.

If approved, the new law will protect people against discrimination on the grounds of race, disability, sexual orientation, religion and carer status when it comes to employment and accessing goods and services.

In order to be transparent, the government has released the draft online.

Although draft legislation is not normally published, the move follows several requests for publication and consultation with the Law Officers.

The draft law will go back to the States in September 2022 and if approved, will be in place by mid-2023.

Disability campaigner Aindre Reece-Sheerin, has welcomed the news.

"People are very switched on to the money that is available to disabled people.

"We're not all sitting in the corner waiting to die, we have an active life that we want to live and it is about time that society stepped up and made it more inclusive and if it is more inclusive then more people will use it."

Campaigners will provide training to businesses to educate them on what adjustments can be made to make them more inclusive.

Carol Le Page from Guernsey Disability Alliance said: "In a lot of cases it is not costing anyone anything, it is just a different way of working, it might be a different font that paperwork needs printing in. It can be small, minor things that will make someone's life much easier."

 You can read the full draft ordinance at