Guernsey Ambulance Service to provide paramedic cover for Alderney

Credit: ITV Channel

The Guernsey Ambulance Service will provide paramedic cover for Alderney during February.

This comes after Alderney's only paramedic resigned last month.

A spokesperson for St John Emergency Ambulance Service, said: "St John Emergency Ambulance Service are deploying a paramedic and Emergency Medical Technician from Guernsey to Alderney to provide temporary cover for the Alderney Ambulance Service."

Guernsey-based paramedics will take on the role in Alderney on a four-week rota for the month of February.

The first pair of paramedics arrived in Alderney yesterday (31 January).

St John Emergency Ambulance Service continued: "This short-term arrangement is part of an existing agreement whereby St John Ambulance Guernsey covers periods of annual leave or when the Alderney paramedic is unavailable. It follows a request from the States of Alderney last week."

The service welcomes the news that the States of Alderney are reviewing on-island arrangements for a long-term ambulance service.

Paramedics from the UK are set to visit Alderney in the coming weeks to explore secondment opportunities in the island.

They said the deployment of Guernsey workers will not have any impact on the emergency ambulance cover in Guernsey during this time.