Dora returns from exploring in Guernsey

  • Video report by ITV Channel's Kate Prout

Dora the rescue dog lived up to her name when she went on an adventure last month, and went missing for 10 days.

She had been out on a walk with her owners near Amhurst school and got lost. Her owners and the GSPCA launched a desperate appeal to find her, and then followed numerous sightings of the adventurous pup including in St Andrews and Castel.

An early morning sighting to Guernsey Police on 23 January, lead to GSPCA officers and Dora's owners searching the area around Chouet. Luckily they spotted her, "quite happy" near the Woodies kiosk.

Dora is a rescue dog from Romania, who is "very nervous" and was used to living on the streets before being brought to Guernsey.

A Go Fund Me page was set up by rescue dog owner Sarah Clarke, to help cover Dora's vet bills and support Guernsey's rescue charity, Stray Safe Guernsey.

Guernsey is now the home to many rescue dogs from Romania, with many dogs often being rescued from a life on the streets.

Sarah said the process of helping rescue dogs adjust to domestic life is not an easy task.

"I know the work that goes into getting rescue dogs ready. So the charity is not only desperate for people to adopt, but to foster dogs as well. Taking them from that stage where they've just arrived and they're terrified of life, to getting them ready to be a family dog.

"It's vital that people adopt not shop."