Jersey political parties could have to report political donations

Empty Jersey States chamber
Credit: ITV Channel

A proposition has been lodged by the Privileges and Procedures Committee which could see political parties legally having to declare the donations they receive.

Political parties could soon be forced to declare any donations they receive over the new threshold of £500.

Independent candidates currently have to declare all donations over £120 pounds, but there are plans for this to be increased to £145.

The proposition comes after a rise in the number political parties being formed in recent months.

However, it will be an offence to attempt to donate more than £500 through multiple small payments, in an attempt to get round the new rules.

Parties also must not keep any donations anonymous, declaring all donations over £500 in detail, but any donations made under £500, will not be regarded as ‘reportable’.

Parties will not have to keep records of the names and addresses of those who make donations under the new £500 threshold.

The proposition will be debated in the States Assembly on 29 March 2022.