Review launched into permits for Jersey's agricultural workers

Credit: ITV Channel

Politicians in Jersey will be reviewing the way seasonal agricultural workers are employed in the island.

The Economic and International Affairs Scrutiny Panel will review the employment rules for seasonal workers in the agricultural industry, after concerns were raised by the Jersey Farmers Union.

The panel of politicians will look at:

  • Whether the nine-month work permit allowance for seasonal workers in the agricultural industry is fit for purpose and whether it is possible to extend it.

  • The Social Security system under which seasonal workers are assessed.

  • The current system for issuing visas to seasonal workers.

Chair of the Economic and International Affairs Scrutiny Panel, Deputy David Johnson, said: “This review emerged from concerns that current systems affecting seasonal workers within the agricultural industry lack Government support in several areas.

"Given the concern that some of the issues raised may be having a negative impact on the larger rural economy, our Panel will undertake a high-level review and seek to determine whether there is scope for greater flexibility and adjustment of the current rules which apply to seasonal workers in Jersey’s agricultural industry.”

During the review, panel members will speak to relevant figures in the agriculture industry, ahead of presenting their findings and recommendations to the States Assembly by the end of March.