JSPCA rescues first Puffin in Jersey in 8 years

Credit: JSPCA

The JSPCA have rescued a puffin from La Saline, St Ouen's Bay in Jersey this morning (11 February) - the first since 2014.

The puffin was covered in oil and has ulcers on its feet.

Credit: JSPCA

Following a call from a member of the public, the bird was collected by the JSPCA and taken in for care.

The puffin has since been given a full health check by a vet and will now go through the oiled bird protocol.

There are only four breeding pairs of puffins left in the island, compared with hundreds of pairs around a century ago - a number which has remained stagnant for the past few years.

The JSPCA have said the puffin is under a lot of stress and that the stress of being bathed to remove the oil can be enough to kill them.

The charity is also calling for islanders to donate sand eels to help feed the birds in their care.