Getaway gecko travels more than 8000km to Guernsey

Credit: GSPCA

One Guernsey family got a shock when they opened their suitcase to discover a stowaway gecko had taken up home in their case after returning from holiday.

The Pacific gecko, which has been given the name Sally by the family, hitched a ride back to Guernsey from the Seychelles.

Sally the gecko is now at the GSPCA in quarantine following her 8,000km journey.

Once she has completed quarantine, the gecko will need to find a new home in Guernsey as it will not be possible to return the lizard to her native Seychelles.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said: “We have also had many animals come into quarantine that found their way to Guernsey but Sally the Pacific gecko seems to have broken the previous record of an Indian gecko two years ago.

“Sally is doing well and we are working with the States vets and once the little gecko has completed gecko it will need a new home.”

The GSPCA have said they will continue to update islanders across the Bailiwick on Sally's condition.