Support strategy revealed for Jersey's unpaid carers

Credit: ITV Channel

Carers Jersey have released their three year plan for exploring ways to support carers in the island.

There are approximately 5000 carers and 500 young carers in Jersey.

The strategy highlights five key priorities to reach over the next three years:

  • Getting the right respite

  • Getting the right emotional and practical support

  • Getting the right resources through legislation

  • Getting the right information and advice

  • Getting the right inclusion and listening to carers

As part of the strategy, Carers Jersey approached carers in the island to ask what more can be done to help them.

The main points raised by carers included plans for a carers legislation to be enacted, carers feelings to be listened to and heard, carers to have access to the right information and given advice that is relevant to their needs and for carers to get the right type and level of practical and emotional support.

Carers also highlighted the need for support to allow them to take time for themselves and take a break from their role as a carer.

The strategy is reliant on all members of the community getting involved to get support carers in Jersey.

These are:

  • Charities

  • Government

  • The public

  • Local businesses

  • Carers networks

  • Carers themselves

Dr Margaret Bayes, Chairman Jersey Association of Carers said: "The Coronavirus Pandemic was especially difficult for many Carers in Jersey. They provide unpaid care to family or friends at home and many support services closed leaving them alone.

"The pandemic has left the care system increasingly short of staff which has magnified the problem from acute to critical to crisis."