Guernsey milk becomes 'RSPCA Assured' thanks to high standards

Guernsey cows in a barn
The 'RSPCA Assured' seal of approval means the cows are well cared for and have a high quality of life. Credit: ITV Channel TV.

Guernsey milk has been given the stamp of approval by the RSPCA, thanks to its high production standards.

The 'RSPCA Assured' accreditation means the cows are well cared for and have a high quality of life.

There are more than 300 standards that farms have to meet to be approved by the RSPCA.

This includes ensuring the cows have enough space and bedding so they can lie down and get up comfortably.

They must also have cow brushes so they can groom themselves and a farm vet must review any health problems at least four times a year.

Guernsey Dairy is one of just two retailers in the British Isles to offer completely RSPCA Assured milk to customers.

Andrew Tabel, Managing director of Guernsey Dairy, said: "Guernsey Dairy's accreditation is the culmination of a project started several years ago.

"It was first necessary for all the island's dairy farms to be RSPCA Assured before the Dairy and subsequently Guernsey milk, could be certified.

"Having the RSPCA Assured logo on our packaging will reassure customers that Guernsey milk is produced and packaged to higher animal welfare standards and acknowledges the investment the industry has made in achieving this.

"Everyone involved in the island's dairy farming industry and the wider community should be extremely proud of this."