Thousands of plastic water bottles wash ashore in Channel Islands

  • Video report by Kate Prout

Thousands of plastic water bottles have washed ashore in the Channel Islands.

5,000 bottles have so far been found in Guernsey, Jersey and France since Friday 18 February.

It is believed the Avant branded bottles came from a cargo spill, but the source of the load has not yet been verified.

Volunteers have come out in their droves to pick the plastic bottles up from the beaches in Guernsey to help curb plastic pollution.

The Government of Guernsey has thanked islanders for their efforts and says States Works will be continuing to clean the beaches this week.

Islanders who see the plastic bottles whilst out cleaning the beaches should follow this advice:

  • If it is a sealed, clear plastic Avant bottle, empty the contents and put the bottle in a plastic recycling bin or curbside recycling bin. Do not drink the water.

  • If the bottles are open, a different brand, or have contaminated liquid inside, put them in a general waste bin.

  • Do not pick up items that are dangerous and wash your hands afterwards.

  • Email if you have found a dangerous item on the beach.