Could temporary workers' villages solve Jersey's accommodation crisis?

  • Video report by Otis Holmes

There are calls for Jersey to build temporary workers' villages to help solve the island's housing crises.

Lee Madden, the managing director of GR8 Recruitment, thinks accommodation units should be transported to the island and used by seasonal workers rather than them living in existing housing.

He believes it could be the solution to the ongoing housing problem which was further highlighted last summer.

Many workers from abroad were put off by high rents and a lack of suitable accommodation to stay in.

It meant the hospitality industry was badly affected as businesses struggled to get staff.

Lee Madden said: "These beds are going to be needed, so we are going to have to find a solution and find accommodation for temporary workers to support our construction, to support our hospitality, to support our healthcare.

"If we don't find a temporary solution they are going to take the current stock that is available to the island and that's going to affect islanders, we don't want that.

"We want to find a solution that is going to take the pressure off islanders and the housing situation that we have got at the moment and give a solution where these seasonal workers can live in very comfortable, good accommodation that is going to be suitable for their term."

No sites for the pop up homes have been picked but some have been suggested including one at La Collette, another on land next to the airport and a possible brown field site in the middle of the island.

None of them would be next to residential sites but would be on transport routes.

Senator Kristina Moore says this kind of temporary accommodation is far from ideal for seasonal workers but she welcomes a solution. She said: "Myself and other people have been trying to engage with government to find some solutions that would deliver accommodation to help the hospitality sector for this coming season.

"We all want to see hospitality thrive and continue in the island, it's this really important part of our economy and an important part of our life in the island. So if this is the way to get across that, then so be it."

A government spokesperson has said: “Some sectors of the Jersey economy rely on seasonal workers and it is important to support them wherever possible. 

"Any suggestions for temporary housing must balance regulatory requirements, the needs of the industry, and the needs of those who will reside in them.”