Jersey widower creates model yacht in memory of wife

A Jersey resident has spent two years carefully crafting a model yacht in memory of his late wife Peggy.

David Turner has created more than 30 model boats in his lifetime, but his latest creation is the one closest to his heart.

David said: "I was working on it one day and I thought she should have a name and I thought I know I'll call it the Peggy T after Peg.

"So I told my son and the grandchildren and they said that's a good idea."

The couple tied the knot in the early 1960s and spent 61 happy years together but she passed away in 2020 after a long battle with a back injury.

It was Peggy who bought David his very first book on model making and helped inspire his passion.

David has put lots of detail into the yacht's design including adding a chain which was one of her necklaces.

He hopes to send it to auction to raise money for the Jersey Lifeboat Association.