Giant puffin sculptures to highlight plight of Jersey birds

  • Video report by ITV Channel's Iain McBride

Two giant puffin sculptures will soon be dominating the cliffs of Jersey.

They have been commissioned by campaign group Birds on the Edge and the National Trust of Jersey, who want to raise awareness of the problems facing puffins in the island.

The four foot sculptures will be made out of an iron structure and covered with woven willow.

They will then be placed on display at Plémont headland, where puffin numbers have dramatically fallen.

It is believed there are just four breeding pairs of puffins left in Jersey, compared to around 300 a century ago.

Cristina Sellares, from the National Trust for Jersey, said: "We want to save the puffins. The sculptures aim to bring the community together so we hope to have an annual event to celebrate the sculptures, but also to celebrate the arrival of the real puffins in March."

The puffins sculptures are being created by Artisan Iron in Jersey. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Puffin numbers have been affected by predators eating their eggs and chicks, as well as islanders disturbing the birds during nesting season.

Kevin Crozier from Artisan Iron, who are creating the two sculptures, said: "We have done 91 hours so far. We've never had to do puffins before. If it's made of metal, we can do it."

It is hoped they will be on display from April this year.