Ukrainian nurse living in Jersey considering going back there to help

A Ukrainian nurse living and working in Jersey is considering going back to her motherland to help with the crises.

Oksana Lynnyk has lived in Jersey for the last three years but her parents and two of her daughters are still living in the west of Ukraine - near the Polish border.

She says she is "very much still considering" going to Ukraine to help the Ukrainian people and army.

She said: "I am considering going. I do have a daughter here in Jersey as well and my partner so part of me thinks that my responsibility is here bringing up my youngest daughter and staying here with my patients even because you know how short of nurses we are.

"And the other part of me really wants to go and it's very much still a possibility."

She says her family are "shocked" and "scared" with what is happening right now in their home country and "everyone is at risk".

She added: "I am genuinely beyond devastated. I'm shocked at the whole scale of violence of what's happening in Ukraine and watching peaceful civilians die in my motherland."

Her family currently plans to stay in Ukraine and her 19-year-old daughter is a nurse who is expecting to be called up to help with field nursing.