Guernsey soldier praises bravery of Ukrainian troops he helped train

  • Ben Remfrey speaks to ITV Channel's Louisa Britton

A former soldier from Guernsey has praised the bravery of the Ukrainian soldiers he helped train.

Bomb disposal expert Ben Remfrey worked with the Ukrainian military in November and December last year.

In an interview on ITV Channel TV, he said: "I am in daily contact with a number of people that we were involved with and we are still advising them. A lot of the people we trained were from Kharkiv which is under direct assault and has been for a number of days. Unfortunately, the people that we've been working with are in the thick of it now.

Ben training some soldiers on explosive ordinance disposal Credit: Ben Remfrey

"They are willing to die for their country. It's very much in their nature and their mentality. I was with them in November and December when we were training them in Montenegro and Kosovo and we had long discussions way into the night about the situation and they were very straightforward about it.

"They said they would be willing to die for their country and would not submit to the Russians."