Final preparations underway in Jersey for Ukraine vigil

Islanders will be able to congregate in St Helier's Royal Square to show their solidarity. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Islanders in Jersey can show their support for the people of Ukraine later by attending a vigil in St Helier.

The event has been organised in response to Russia's invasion of the country exactly a week ago (24 February).

The Bailiff of Jersey, Timothy Le Cocq said: "This vigil will give us all the opportunity to gather as a community to reflect on the events taking place in Ukraine. War is always a terrible thing and this invasion by Russia of a sovereign democracy has already inflicted great suffering.

"We stand together to say that there is no room for such aggression in the modern world."

The vigil will take place in the Royal Square this evening (4 March).

Order of service

1800: Musical Originals to sing 'Prayer of the Children'

1805: Address from the Bailiff

1810: Speech by Ukrainian and Russian nationals in Jersey

1815: Bidding by the Dean of Jersey

1820: Town Church bells ring

1821: Minute's silence

1822: Minute's silence concludes with the beginning of the Ukrainian national anthem

1822: Public encouraged to place candles on the 'Wace' steps

1825: Principals depart

1830: Vigil ends

In addition, The Royal Court and States Building will be lit up in the colours of the Ukrainian flag in solidarity.

Timothy Le Cocq added: "We can only admire the courage and resolve [of the Ukrainian people] and do what we can to help."