Hundreds gather in Jersey for Ukraine vigil

  • Video report by ITV Channel's Emma Volney

Hundreds of islanders in Jersey have gathered for a vigil to show their solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

More than a million Ukrainians have been displaced following the Russian invasion.

The event in St Helier's Royal Square included prayers, speeches and a minute's silence, while the colours of the Ukrainian flag were projected onto the The Royal Court and States Building.

The Bailiff of Jersey, Timothy Le Cocq said: "Jersey always responds to humanitarian need with generosity and the people of Jersey do that voluntarily and openly.

"But sometimes it's important that we stand together and express our feelings about a thing in terms of telling the world 'this is who we are and this is what we believe'.

"Jersey people are very conscious of the suffering of the Ukrainian people and Jersey wanted to come together and show they were together with them."

Ilena Perchard is a Russian national living in Jersey. She told ITV Channel TV: "I'm Russian and ashamed to say that nd my heart is with Ukraine and their suffering. It is horrible and I have been crying since this horrible war started.

"My family and friends are devastated. We have no future. It is Putin's war."

Lera Evered has family in Ukraine and has struggled to sleep since the country was invaded. She said: "Sleep is not really existing. I want to explain to the people of Jersey that it's not just a little war far away. I want to thank people who are helping."

Chief Minister, Senator John Le Fondre added: "We are going to keep watching this and reacting. This is the first war on European soil since 1940 and it is absolutely right that we recognise what these people are going through and do everything we can to help."