Jersey's government launch new arts strategy

  • Deputy Kirsten Morel and Chief Librarian Ed Jewell explain more about the strategy

Jersey's government have launched a new long term vision for the arts community on the island.

The £8 million per year plan over the next five years will see aim to 'provide a blueprint which will not only help the arts flourish for the arts sake but also as part of the wider community.'

Deputy Kirsten Morel, the Assistant Minister responsible for the arts said “Government has committed to devoting 1% of spending to arts, heritage and culture every year from 2022. The importance of that investment cannot be underestimated, it enables arts and culture organisations to move from a short-term strategy, to long-term sustainable partnership."

The strategy will support islanders through four key areas as well as creating a network named The Creative Islands Partnership to support the strategy goals.

The four key areas are:

  • Arts in education and personal development

  • Arts in health and sustainable wellbeing

  • Arts in environment and place-making

  • Arts in economic prosperity and inclusive growth

Its hoped that as momentum builds in the arts scene across the island it will benefit not only the community but society as well. This development can range from people taking the arts as a form of therapy to a full fledged career.

Chief Liberian Ed Jewell who was a part of the steering group said "I'm interested in how we can better connect people. One of the things that struck me with Jersey is there is a really vibrant arts community but reading the strategy, sometimes it can be better connected and perhaps not reaching as many people in the island as it possible could"

Deputy Morel added "While drafting the Arts Strategy, we engaged with many stakeholders to understand what was actually needed, and part of the conclusion was that a network to encourage cross-sector collaboration and to act as a forum for engagement with Government was an important element."

You can read the full strategy here.