Former Premier League match official teaches Jersey's next generation of referees

  • Report by ITV Channel's Keilan Webster

Trevor Massey is a former Premier League match official with 13 years experience of officiating at English football's highest level.

He shared some of that knowledge with aspiring referees in Jersey as part of an FA course and was particularly pleased to see that the majority were still at school.

Trevor said: "If we haven't got the youngsters coming through then there's no future for refereeing so I'm extremely pleased to see that probably three quarters of the course are under the age of 16."

Currently Jersey only has one qualified female referee but with four girls taking part in this course the hope is that numbers will start to grow.

Hannah Lynam was one of those participating and believes the game needs more female officials on the island.

She explained: "I think it's important so the younger generation can see people to look up to so having a female referee will make them think it's something they can do in the future."

The course was far from easy though, with many finding out about rules they did not realise existed!

Kenan Bryan has been keen to become a referee since running the line for his Dad's team at just six years old.

Kenan said: "Watching the ref giving a penalty for example, it's so much more complicated than just putting the ball on the spot and blowing your whistle. There's a lot to learn!"