International Women's Day: Jersey police officer on how force has changed since 1990s

Being forced to wear skirts, carry a smaller truncheon in their handbag and referred to as Women Police Constables.

That was what life was like for female police officers in Jersey during in the 1990s.

It is something Detective Constable Faith Shalamon remembers well having joined the force thirty years ago in 1992.

DC Faith in the 1990s. Credit: DC Faith Shalamon

She said: "The female truncheon was actually smaller than what was issued to male constables, so we could fit it in our handbag Needless to say, it didn't last too long, things have drastically changed since then."

She added: "When I joined in 1992, there was no maternity policy, if you decided you wanted a family you had to leave and I think over time that's become a lot more positive, maternity leave is readily available now, part time working is available, we've come on leaps and bounds in that respect.

"I was actually the first officer to take maternity leave when I had my son and that was 23 - 24 years ago now."

DC Faith says the force has changed significantly since she first joined and it is the women she has helped over the years that have become her inspiration. She said: "Working with some of the victims that I have worked with, they're hugely inspiring."It comes as the world marks International Women's Day today (Tuesday 8 March).

The day is an opportunity to celebrate women's achievements and highlight what more needs to change.

Looking to the future, DC Faith said: "I think for the future generation it's just about women, the younger generation being offered the same equal opportunities to achieve their full potential and to live their best life.

"That's the only message I would give really, the opportunities are there you just need to grasp them."