How the Channel Islands are showing support for Ukraine

Ukraine vigil in Jersey.
Credit: ITV Channel

Russia invaded Ukraine in the early hours of Thursday 24 February, prompting fierce criticism from the West.

Since the attacks last month, people across the Channel Islands have come together to support Ukrainians and help those fleeing the country.

This is how islanders are showing their support.

Olympia McEwan put one of her paintings, which features the colours of the Ukraine flag, in an online auction on Saturday and raised £2500. Credit: ITV Channel

All proceeds will go directly to the charity, Samu, a medical disaster relief team.

Sarah Griffiths, campaigner, said: "They are doctors and nurses in their day job and they volunteer in their spare time. When they volunteer they have to do special training, a bit like being in the TA."

  • People in Jersey held a vigil to show their support of Ukrainians.

Members of the public gathered in Royal Square in support of Ukrainian nationals. Credit: ITV Channel

The event in St Helier's Royal Square included prayers, speeches and a minute's silence, while the colours of the Ukrainian flag were projected onto the The Royal Court and States Building.

  • Across the Bailiwick's islanders have been queuing in the streets to drop off donations, which have been sent to the Ukraine-Poland border for refugees as they arrive.

Essentials have been donated by Guernsey residents for refugees. Credit: ITV Channel
Donations from Jersey residents have piled high before making their way to Europe. Credit: ITV Channel

Volunteers have been sorting through mountains of donations from the island's parishes all week.

These items are sorted and processed before they head off via lorries to the Ukrainian border.

Three trucks left Jersey on 5 March, with another four planned for the coming weekends.

  • The Jersey Rowing Club have been fundraising for those affected in Ukraine by rowing for 12 straight hours.

Jersey's Rowing Club have taken part in a 12 hour relay, raising thousands of pounds for Ukraine Credit: ITV Channel

Susan Huelin from the Jersey Rowing Club said "It is particularly close to Jersey Rowing Club's heart because our ladies crew did really well last year rowing at the worlds and actually rowed against the Ukrainian ladies, who I believe are the world champions.

"We had some lovely photos taken with them. Some of those ladies in that crew are in the military's so we are thinking about them at the moment."

  • The Shiloh Church in Guernsey have shown their support by painting the exterior walls of the church blue and yellow, to match the Ukrainian flag.

The Shiloh Church in Guernsey has had a makeover, now displaying the colours of Ukraine. Credit: ITV Channel

Chrissy Salmon, from Shiloh Church said: "It's been really fantastic actually, we've had lots of people come by. We've had people by and take photos and people saying it's great to show your support, to show that we're standing with the people really.

"We've given financially, we've donated financially, and practically - we wanted to do something which made a statement in the community to say that we stand and support, and are praying for the people of Ukraine."

  • Government buildings and sites across the islands have been lit up with blue and yellow lights.

Jersey's States building glowed yellow and blue during the island's vigil. Credit: ITV Channel
The Island Hall in Alderney is also shining a new light on their States building. Credit: ITV Channel

Fort Regent in Jersey typically lights up in the evenings, but is now showing the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

Governments across the Bailiwick's have also offered financial support to Ukraine.

The States of Alderney have announced they will be matching donations by islanders, up to £15,000.

States of Guernsey have donated £500,000 and Government of Jersey pledging £1 million towards the relief efforts.

The Bailiffs in both Jersey and Guernsey have set up relief funds to gather donations, Jersey's Bailiff Chamber have said they have received over 50 envelopes of donations, with one containing a cheque for £5,000.