Fundraising concert in Alderney shows support for Ukraine

  • Video report by ITV Channel TV's Sophie Dulson

People came together in Alderney last night (Wednesday 9 March) for an evening of music to show support for the people of Ukraine.

The event at St Anne's Church saw performances of classics, including works by Ukrainian composers, in a bid to raise money for humanitarian efforts on the ground following the invasion by Russian forces.

Donations were collected on the night which will be sent to where it is needed through the Ukrainian Embassy.

Violinist Louise Staples, who performed at the concert said it was important that artists and creators showed their support.

She said, "Our general aim is to raise funds to support Ukranian refugees but also, just to raise awareness about the really awful things that are happening over there.

"I think it's really important that musicians and artists that they do what they can and if it's possible, to organise concerts and try and raise awareness and raise funds while you're doing it, I think that can be really meaningful."