Jersey committed to 'staying in lockstep' with UK on Russia sanctions

Senator Ian Gorst says Jersey's government continues to support the sanctions against Russia. Credit: ITV Channel TV / PA

Jersey will continue to stay 'in lockstep' with the UK on sanctions against Russia, according to the island's External Relations minister.

Senator Ian Gorst says the island will continue to play its part in putting economic pressure on the Kremlin, as individuals with ties to the Putin regime continue to see their assets frozen.

Governments in both Bailiwicks have implemented the sanctions set out by the UK government since Russia began the invasion of Ukraine just over two weeks ago.

Senator Gorst said, “Jersey is cooperating with the UK in all measures, including in respect of those persons with links to Jersey who have been subject to sanctions today. Our robust legislation is underscored by severe criminal consequences for those who fail to adhere to it.

"We are a responsible and internationally co-operative jurisdiction and are implementing all UK sanctions and are committed to remaining in lockstep with the UK.”

Senator Gorst attended a meeting which included the UK Security Minister Damian Hinds and representatives from the other Crown Dependencies yesterday (Wednesday 9 March), where sanctions against targeted Russian organisations and individuals were discussed.