Ukraine: How to talk about the crisis with children

Resources have been released to help parents discuss the conflict in Ukraine with their children. Credit: ITV News

Jersey's government have opened a platform to help parents discuss the ongoing conflict in Ukraine with their children.

Information and support for parents can now be found on Learning At Home platform.

The Learning at Home website was created in March 2020 during the Stay Home order.

It was made to provide parents with practice advice and resources to help their children continue learning while schools were closed.

It is now used to help parents teach their children about a range of topics outside of the classroom.

The website offers advice which includes:

  • Listen when your child wants to talk

  • Have an age-appropriate conversation

  • Accept and validate their emotions

  • Dealing with Social-Media

  • Think about the broader picture

There has also been links added to resources to help children and young people understand what is happening, how the conflict might impact us in Jersey, and how to find accurate information online.

Any children or young people who may be concerned about the conflict in Ukraine can use services on island to help: