Nine Jersey Scouts to jet off to South Korea for World Scout Jamboree

They will be joining 3,240 young people from the UK who have also been chosen to go to the event. Credit: ITV Channel TV.

Nine Scouts from Jersey will be jetting off to South Korea for the World Scout Jamboree next summer.

They will be joining 3,240 young people from the UK who have also been chosen to go to the event which will bring 50,000 young people from around the world together. One of the chosen Jersey Scouts, Elise Paturel, said: "I'm very excited.

"Of course it's a bit nerve wracking being so far away from my family for so long but I'm very excited to meet new people and meet new Scouts because I've never met any Scouts from any other countries so it's going to be really fun to learn about their cultures and how they do Scouting in their countries."

The Jamboree allows young people to learn new skills and campaign for change on world issues.

The Jersey Scouts will be joining Scouts from Guernsey and Dorset to form United Kingdom Unit 80. Ahead of the Jamboree, they will go to training camps to prepare.

They will also organise fundraising and team building events.

UK Chief Scout Bear Grylls, said: "Congratulations to the 9 Jersey Scouts and their Leader, and all those who have been selected to go on this amazing adventure!

"World Scout Jamborees only happen every four years and tens of thousands of Scouts from across the world attend each one.

"Young people will experience different cultures, languages and cuisine while learning new skills.

"After two very difficult years, it is so important that these young people have this opportunity.

"The 2023 Jamboree, hosted by Korea, is set to be one of the biggest and most exciting yet.

"The theme is “Think big. Dream wild. Act together.” – focusing especially on how we can be trailblazers in creating a sustainable world together."