Debate begins on Jersey's Bridging Island Plan

A aerial shot of St Helier.
Credit: ITV Channel TV

States members will decide the future of Jersey's planning policy as they begin debating the Bridging Island Plan today (Monday 14 March).

The policy will create a blueprint for building development in the island over the next three years, covering a range of issues from affordable housing to environmental management.

Any development in the island up until 2025 will have to be measured against the plan - including proposals for the island's new hospital at Overdale.

More than a hundred amendments have been submitted to the original proposals.

The National Trust for Jersey has contacted all politicians taking part in the debate to stress the importance of balancing demand for more housing with the need to protect the island's natural environment.

What's in the plan?

Housing: With the island in the midst of an affordable housing crisis, finding enough homes will be high up on the list of priorities. The proposals contain plans for more than 1,500 affordable homes by 2025, with fields across the island being earmarked for development.

Quarrying: Responding to the original proposals, independent inspectors said sand quarrying should be allowed to resume in St Ouen's Bay - a break with government policy. Inspectors also supported plans to safeguard the area around La Gigoulande Quarry in St Mary for rock extraction.Coastal national park: Also included in the proposals is a bid to expand environmental protections in the island through an extension of Jersey's Coastal National Park - both on-land and in the sea. If approved, it would see almost two thirds of the land in the parishes of St Martin and St Ouen covered by the expansion.