Artist paints islanders on the beach for Cheshire Homes Jersey

Tony has been to Jersey a few times, but it's not just his exhibition that will be attracting people to see his beautiful work at the end of the week, he has also been attracting people to the Gunsite, today, to be painted for a good cause.

Throughout the day many islanders, along with their dogs and even horses, arrived with flags and brightly coloured coats to be painted into the scene. The weather was beautiful and conditions could not have been more perfect for a day to capture the islands beauty.

He began the painting on the morning of 15 March, and only took a few hours to complete. The piece he was painting will be auctioned off on 13 May to raise money for Jersey Cheshire Home, and they are accepting sealed bids in advance.

Tony Parsons spent the morning at St Aubin painting islanders on the beach. Credit: ITV Channel TV

This painting and around 30 others will be on display at the Radisson Blu in Jersey on 17 and 18 March.

Although many of his paintings are of sea-scapes, he will also be showing paintings inspired by local photographer Lou Wagstaffe, who takes photos from the water as she swims - in pretty much every weather condition.

This painting was inspired by local photographer Lou Wagstaffe. Credit: Tony Parsons